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The WAVE BUMPER is an innovative concept of climate change adaptation. It is the first removable, quickly deployable, seawall protection.

Privileged environments in which to live, coastlines are today the focus of many socio-economic assets and have in recent years united all those who wish to protect this exceptional environmental asset.

However, it has considerable assets in terms of lifestyle quality and economic attractiveness. Environmental criteria are evolving, in particular due to climate change. The potential increase in the sea level and increasing rainfall are leading to growing risks of erosion, flooding and marine submersion.

WAVE BUMPER is the answer to an international concern.

To answer this issue, we created the first removable self-ballasted seawall which can be installed in the event of weather alerts, then reused easily for a new weather hazard. This non-aggressive solution respects the ecology of exposed sites.

“At WAVE BUMPER we have solutions for today, ideas and ambitions for tomorrow, and we are ready to play our part in this large-scale collective effort”.


One of the innovations is a distinctive curve which absorbs the energy of the wave and sends it back towards the ocean.

The WAVE BUMPER curve limits overflow more efficiently than a system equipped with a vertical wall.

Climate change and its consequences in terms of erosion of the coastline and the risk of marine submersion require us to take a new integrated approach in coastal planning.

This crucial issue for the future of coastal areas and numerous associated activities, must be at the heart of action taken by the authorities.

Our technology can be included in all the coastal programs and action plans which encourage flexible management:

  • Management of aquatic zones and flood protection (GEMAPI)
  • Flood prevention action plans (PAPI)
  • Prevention plans against the risk of marine submersion (PPRS)

The advantages of our innovation

Light Light
\ All our modules are easy to handle
Adaptable Adaptable
Our wide range adapts to your needs
Resistant Resistant
The quality of the materials gives a high level of resistance
Made in France Made in France
A solution 100% imagined, designed and manufactured in France
Small footprint Small footprint
Our protections are removable and reusable
Stockage Stockage
We offer solutions to facilitate storage

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