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The idea is that a curve made of composite materials constitutes a strong enough shield to return the energy of the wave towards the ocean and to diminish the impact of the next wave.

« I wanted it to be totally removable so that it does not remain on the seafront and spoil the beauty of this beach in Biarritz. »

- Romain Chapron, Founder of WAVE BUMPER

Compared to a conventional solution with a vertical wall our technology limits penetration. It absorbs the shock of the waves and accelerates the withdrawing wave (called the uprush) which strikes and slows down the following waves.

There are many disadvantages of normal “hard solution” methods (like concrete seawalls, rock fills, spikes, etc.) which includes introducing permanent elements onto the coastline which are not part of it, it making it more fragile and considerably spoiling its appearance. There are many examples of concrete seawall breakages.

"As soon as we introduce a hard point into a perpetually moving ecosystem, the erosion process is accelerated and the coastline becomes more vulnerable. In contrast, the composite materials which we use accompany the movements of the ecosystem without creating a barrier."

- Romain Chapron, Founder of WAVE BUMPER

Removable seawalls from WAVE BUMPER are particularly light and easy to handle. The fact that they are removable and quick to install, means that they have a very low environmental impact and that they can be installed between two tides.

Within two years, the WAVE BUMPER team has also adapted the concept to resist flash flooding and the intense conditions of hurricanes.

These solutions are for public and private establishments found in risk areas (beach establishments, private properties, coastal buildings, etc.).

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