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Climate hazards are natural phenomena which are part of seasonal cycles. Around 90% of catastrophes recorded in the world over the last 20 years have been caused by climate connected factors. The number of meteorological catastrophes has tripled in the last thirty years. Moreover, we are now witnessing a new level of destruction. The rise in air and water temperature is resulting in a rise in the sea level (3.3mm/year on average) thus reinforcing the intensity of these climate-related occurrences.

"It is generally estimated that one euro invested in reinforcing resilience saves seven euros once the damage has been don."

- Senate, 2018

It is the coastlines that are affected by the risk of marine submersion. Human losses and material damages caused by these risks demand a pragmatic approach in order to optimize the means of protection to be put into place. Today, it is a question of no longer working in emergency conditions but of building a real development and management strategy for the coastline.


Our engineers are capable of simulating the natural phenomena of oceans and rivers. This is how the WAVE BUMPER team have acquired enough know-how to scale your protective units, while respecting the environment.

This global vision enables us to start work on studies upstream (description of risks, submersion studies, simulations, etc.), to scale the needs (calculation, scaling and resistance, design, etc.) and to manufacture your protection system.

For the most serious conditions, such as hurricanes, specific modules can be adapted directly to openings in buildings. During flooding, the design of composite materials enables the module to regain its original form after use. This waterproof protection resists a rise in static and dynamic waters without requiring modifications to the buildings. These studies all include shipping, anchoring and storage constraints for each solution.

We also participate in audits concerning coastal hazards (coastal erosion and marine submersion). We take part in studies on:

  • Risk prevention (PAPI - Program for Action and Prevention of Coastal Flooding, PPR - Risk Prevention Plans, etc.),
  • Definition of intervention strategies, according to the degree of vulnerability of each site.

We work in close collaboration with specialized design teams and expert consultants in order to guarantee the quality of our services responding to the needs of the territories.

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