WAVE BUMPER, une PME fondée en février 2017

WAVE BUMPER, had a radically new idea for protecting the coastline against the destructive impact of the sea: a range of removable protection units.

The concept of creating a re-usable anti-submersion system was created on the Basque Coast, following a series of storms which weakened the coastline in the winter of 2013-2014.

Although it is currently believed that these phenomena will become more intense on an international scale with the increase in natural catastrophes, we can also observe a rise in coastal populations. Indeed, 60% of the world’s population lives in coastal areas and experts estimate that between 5 and 10 km of coastlines are being urbanized every day. Despite the difficulty in quantifying the phenomenon, the changes forecasted, in particular by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), will have irreparable effects on the coastal fringe. It has therefore become necessary for public and private economic players to find solutions for the appropriate protection in order to limit damages.

In 2014 Romain Chapron, founder of WAVE BUMPER, had designed, the first removable seawall system in composite materials, able to resist the impact of waves. These modules are composed of a curve which takes the energy of the waves and generates a return movement towards the ocean. The first customers were attracted by the ease of use and the environmentally-friendly aspects of the product in the areas in which it was deployed. The range includes standard products and custom-made solutions built according to the results of marine submersion studies conducted internally.

In 2018, WAVE BUMPER started developing a range of solutions aimed at dealing with flooding issues and hurricanes, thanks to its concept and expertize in composite materials.

WAVE BUMPER is part of a trend of innovating companies which take into consideration issues linked to climate change and sustainable development. We wish to promote local production of our products. WAVE BUMPER offers innovative original solutions, imagined, designed, developed and made 100% in France.


Since the creation of our company, we have received support from many partners:

As soon as WAVE BUMPER was created, ESTIA ENTREPRENDRE supported us by enabling us to be part of their business incubation program.

ESA and Aerospace Valley :
Since December 2017, we have been part of the Business Incubation Center operated by the European Space Agency (ESA-BIC). This incubation is managed by Aerospace Valley in connection with ESTIA ENTREPRENDRE. Thanks to this partnership, we have preferential access to satellite data.

ADI Nouvelle-Aquitaine :
The Agency for Development and Innovation, ADI N-A, serves businesses and territories in the Nouvelle Aquitaine region. Thanks to them we have obtained support in developing our regional business network.  

Biarritz Town :
The Grande Plage (Big Beach) in Biarritz has been our laboratory for full-scale tests since 2014. A research agreement was signed, making the town of Biarritz a pilot town.

WAVE BUMPER has also won many competitions and subsidies, which enable us to continue our research and development efforts.