Specialized studies in marine submersion

Rising sea levels, an increase in the number of natural catastrophes, erosion of the coastline, marine submersion. So many examples that show us how the consequences of climate change on our environment are increasingly present. These new phenomena oblige us to reinforce prevention against marine submersion.

It is the coastlines that are affected by the risk of marine submersion. More than 600 million people live along the coasts (at less than ten meters above sea level). In addition, the speed in the rise of the sea level has almost doubled reaching 3.5mm/year on average today, putting many populations at risk.

In mainland France, around 1,000 coastal towns are exposed by increased risk. The lower areas which may be confronted by marine submersion phenomena cover a surface estimated at 7,000 square kilometers.

Human losses and material damages caused by these risks demand a pragmatic approach in order to optimize the means of protection to be put into place. Today, it is a question of no longer working in emergency conditions but of building a real development and management strategy for the coastline.

In this context, the team at WAVE BUMPER have carried out many studies internally to optimize the sizes and resistance of our protection modules. We also participate in audits concerning coastal hazards (coastal erosion and marine submersion). We take part in studies on:

  • Risk prevention (Program for Action and Prevention of Coastal Flooding, Risk Prevention Plans, etc.),
  • Definition of intervention strategies, according to the degree of vulnerability of each site.

We work in close collaboration with specialized design teams and expert consultants in order to guarantee the quality of our services responding to the needs of the territories.