An SME founded in 2017

We had a radically new idea for adaptation to climate change: a range of removable protection units.

After three years of prototyping and testing, the very first removable dike system was born.

Between December 2013 and March 2014 a series of violent storms caused a great deal of damage. Biarritz, as well as a major portion of the Atlantic coastline, were hit and damaged several times. Serious environmental and economic consequences occurred

This was when we began to think about the WAVE BUMPER concept.

How could we protect property and people without degrading the environment?

To answer this issue, Romain Chapron, founder of WAVE BUMPER created the first removable self-ballasted seawall which can be installed in the event of weather alerts, then reused easily for a new weather hazard.

En réponse, Romain Chapron, fondateur de WAVE BUMPER, conçoit dès 2014 le premier système de digue amovible en matériaux composites capable de résister aux impacts des vagues. He created the company in 2017 to satisfy the first orders.

“WAVE BUMPER is a removable seawall which is installed when storms occur and which is removed after the event so as not to deface the environment”.

- Romain CHAPRON, Founder of WAVE BUMPER

The first customers were attracted by the ease of use and the environmentally-friendly aspects of the product in the areas in which it was deployed.

Since, the range includes standard product and custom-made solutions built according to the results of coastal flooding studies conducted internally.

WAVE BUMPER is part of a trend of innovating companies which take into consideration issues linked to climate change and sustainable development.

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